Are You Interested in a Career in Strength and Conditioning?  Apply for Our Athletic Performance Internship! 

    This hands-on internship will teach you athletic performance training. You will go through different blocks that will require you to not only work with our Athletic Performance Specialists, but read, write and grow as a strength and conditioning coach.    

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The Most Comprehensive Athletic Performance Training Program in the Stateline Area.

What do we offer?​​

  • ​​​A Scientifically Validated Injury Prevention Assessement (Functional Movement Screen)
  • Athletic Assessment providing baseline and comparative data for athletes by age and gender.
    • Vertical Jump
    • Broad Jump
    • 10 Yard Dash
    • Pro Agility Drill
    • Conditioning Assessment
  • Acceleration Training
    • ​Linear
      • ​Create Game Changing Speed that seperates your athlete from the pack
    • Lateral
      • ​Develop the ability to change direction quickly and move fast in multiple directions
  • ​​Plyometric Training
    • ​Create Explosiveness that allows for faster movements and actions, while learning how to jump higher and land safely
  • Strength Training
    • Specifically Targeting Athletic Performance to Help Your Athlete Run Faster, Jump Higher and Be Stronger than the Competition
  • Game Ready Conditioning
    • ​Develop Conditioning that allows for longer playing time
  • ACL Prevention Protocol
    • ​Reducing the Risk of Injury to Keep them on the Field or Court
  • And More...

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