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What We Offer

Semi-Private Custom Training

Precision Nutrtion's Pro Coach

Private Personal Training

Custom Training
Whether your goal is weight loss, recovering from injury or simply to get in great shape; our Custom Training Program is just for you.  We tailor a program to the needs of each individual.   Our programs are built specific to your needs, goals and abilities. 

Then, our certified coaches lead you through your program each session to make sure that you get the most out of your plan.

You have the freedom to book your sessions through our online calendar so you can train according to your schedule.  Each session is allows a small group of members to train so that you are able to work your plan in a community of people that are pursuing their goals as well.

This allows you to reach your goals efficiently, while also reducing the cost of a typical personal trainer.

Here's What You Will Receive:

-Customized Training Program
-Steps to Success Nutrition Guidance
-3D Fit Scan
-Our Off-Day Trainer Messaging Program
-A Functional Movement Screen
-A Functional Fitness Assessment

Personal Training
Our Personal Training is designed to give you the right plan along with the time and attention you need to maximize each of your training sessions on your way to achieving significant results.  Whether you are coming off of physical therapy, need to lose weight or want to stay healthy to play with your kids or grandkids, Movement Personal Training is right for you.

We are meticulous, providing you with the coaching and support you need to keep you on track and heading towards your personal goals.

Not only do you receive individual time and attention, you will receive:

-Personalized Training Program
-ProCoach Nutrition Program
-3D Fit Scan
-Our Off-Day Trainer Messaging Program
-A Functional Movement Screen
-A Functional Fitness Assessment
-Personal Nutrtion Guide

ProCoach Nutrition Coaching
Create Significant and Sustainbale Change with Personalized Coaching from the best in nutrition.

Our Precision Nutrtion Certified Coaches guide you throughout each day to help you design a nutrition program that works for you!

Begin with a Persoanlized Manual that will give focus you on tricky topics such as meal prep, shopping lists and portion sizes.

Next, receive daily messages with quick lessons that help you focus on building habits that will not only help you achieve your goals, but maintain them as well!

Also, you will be able to interact with your coach consistently to help keep you on track, whether you are training with us or not!

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